Wednesday, February 16, 2005

5:00 pm

[5 à 7 at Casa]

La Radieuse Ramie

  • Pol Pelletier

Casa del Popolo, Montréal, Québec

Free admission

A lecture/show by one of the great women of Quebec theatre.

Otherwise known as Pol Pelletier, the Radieuse Ramie returns from a long journey to offer a lecture/performance made up of songs, stories, and magical, surprising moments. After dedicating herself to the great hardships of an artist’s life as was decreed in ancestral memory, the Radieuse Ramie emerges from the water to present us with a new definition of artists and a new way for them to live. She is the first specimen of a new race: the Ramies.

8:30 pm

[Shows at La Sala Rossa]

Full bilingue

Hosted by:
Danette MacKay + Harry Standjofski
Susie Arioli + Jordan Officer
Norman Nawrocki
Claude McKenzie
Thomas Hellman + Olaf Gundel

La Sala Rossa, Montréal, Québec


A bilingual show with verve and wit for a city whose head spins with language. Vive la difference! In English, French and Innu.

Recorded by CBC Radio One.

Cabaret hosted by actors Danette Mackay and Harry Standjofski, who can play with words in French as well as in English!

A get-together for singers and an anarchist performer who grew up or work in more than one language. A typically Montreal duality, n’est pas?

Susie Arioli, with a wonderfully unique voice, and Jordan Officer, guitarist and talented arranger, explore jazz from the 30s, 40s and 50s with elan and audacity, switching back and forth from French to English. A Texan on his father’s side and French on his mother’s side, Quebec-born Thomas Hellman is one of the top young singer-songwriters, whose first album Stories from Oscar’s Old Café has been called a major musical discovery by both French and English critics. He will be accompanied by pianist Olaf Gundel. The Innu singer Claude McKenzie met with great success as part of the duo Kashtin and he is finally back on the scene after a seven-year absence. Performer and anarchist violinist Norman Nawrocki is one of the pillars of the underground scene, an activist who has founded numerous bands and made many albums featuring his wild political and anti-sexist music.

11:00 pm

[Night Shift at Casa]

Night Shift

hosted by:
Tony Tremblay
house band:
Nicolas Letarte-Bersianik + Martin Tétreault
guest poets:
Christine Douville, Francis Catalano, Dominique Robert
+ Open Mic

Casa del Popolo, Montréal, Québec