Thursday, February 17, 2005

5:00 pm

[5 à 7 at Casa]

PEN Québec — Écriture et liberté: urgence en Amérique

Casa del Popolo, Montréal, Québec

Free admission

Freedom to write: A PEN Club event. In French.

Émile Martel, poet, translator, and president of the Centre québécois du PEN international since 1999, Haitian writer Georges Anglade, and Roger-Paul Gilbert, a PEN member since 1989, will present the Centre québécois du PEN international and its Comité de défense des écrivains persécutés. They will speak about the situation in Haiti and Cuba. Three Quebec writers, Michel-Marc Bouchard, Claudine Vachon and Carl Coppens, will read work by Cuban writers.

8:30 pm

[Shows at La Sala Rossa]

Combat contre la langue de bois, premier round

Spectacle animé par le grand manitou de «Macadam tribus»:
Jacques Bertrand
Michel Garneau (poète)
Ève Lamont (vidéaste)
Ève Cournoyer (chanteuse)
Hélène Pedneault (écrivaine)
Michel Faubert (conteur)
Stanley Péan (écrivain)
Loco Locass (performeurs)
Pol Pelletier (femme de théâtre)
François Patenaude (Zapartiste)
interventions musicales et mise à mort des discours trop longs:
Olivier Langevin + Fred Fortin

La Sala Rossa, Montréal, Québec


… telling it like it is
we give the floor to people with something to say
who aren’t shy about saying it
a boxing match against inertia, laziness, indifference…
6 minutes to deliver the knockout blow

One soap box, ten people, six minutes each, two crazy musicians and Jacques Bertrand to crack the whip. No right of reply. No second chance. Don’t miss it. (Unfortunately for us anglos, this year in French only.)

Hosted by the great manitou of Macadam Tribus, Jacques Bertrand, and with house band Fred Fortin and Olivier Langevin, whose job will be to cut off anyone who tries to go on and on and on…

This is an opportunity for those who want to quit complaining and take action. Do something. Get moving. Be quick. Face the great challenge in an evening of intellectual danger. The FVA has invited exceptional artists, great talkers, sincere and committed performers, who will speak frankly from the gut, with wit, to say what they want to say about a subject that is near to their heart. Each performer has six minutes. With clear and direct words. This isn’t a round table or a debate. No right to reply. No second chance. It’s a boxing match against inertia, laziness, meekness and indifference. And it’s just the first round!

In the ring will be poet Michel Garneau, independent producer and documentary maker Ève Lamont, writer and feminist Hélène Pedneault, storyteller Michel Faubert, the versatile Stanley Péan (newly elected president of UNEQ, congratulations and good luck!), the petulant Loco Locass, the lively singer Ève Cournoyer, the powerhouse of Quebec theatre Pol Pelletier, the brilliant Zapartiste François Patenaude and Pierre Allard and Annie Roy of the indispensable ATSA (Action terroriste socialement acceptable).

With such strong personalities on the stage, we needed to bring in the great manitou of Macadam Tribus, Jacques Bertrand, to host the evening’s mayhem. We have also invited the fabulous musicians Olivier Langevin and Fred Fortin to cut off anyone who dares to go beyond their allotted six minutes. Those with sensitive ears and temperaments are asked to tune out!

To give this magnificent event reach beyond the room, Radio-Canada’s nationally broadcast Porte ouverte will be on hand and will prepare a special program on the Combat and the Festival for the following Thursday, with host Raymond Cloutier (another great speaker famous for saying what he thinks). Producer-coordinator: Christine Germain.

11:00 pm

[Night Shift at Casa]

Night Shift

hosted by:
Tony Tremblay
house band:
Nicolas Letarte-Bersianik + Martin Tétreault
guest poets:
Denise Brassard, Tania Langlais, Kathy Kennedy
+ Open Mic

Casa del Popolo, Montréal, Québec