Word from the Artistic Director

In December, we had the pleasure of learning that Les Filles électriques had been nominated for the Conseil des arts de Montréal’s Grand Prix 2004 in the literature category. It was the first time that an event devoted to spoken word and performance literature had been so recognized and it is an honour that we share with all of the artists who for many years now have been performing their texts with conviction, humour and emotion, with our musician friends and also with our organizing colleagues (at least those who have not died from exhaustion). We want the FVA to remain a place of committed experimentation, effervescence, emotion and stimulation and to continue to offer a platform to many different voices.

To be committed is also to act. How can you not be affected by the enormous tragedy caused by the tsunami. We are therefore launching a campaign to collect funds for the Canadian Red Cross that will last until the end of the FVA. Boxes for cash donations or cheques (made out to the “Canadian Red Cross”) will be placed in each venue. We welcome any contributions, no matter how small. We will announce the total during the closing show. Thank you.

D. Kimm