Empowering Language

A workshop with Lillian Allen.
Monday, February 14
8 — 10 pm
3680 Jeanne Mance, Suite 460
Free, but spaces are limited so you should register as soon as possible.

For more information or to register call (514) 932-1104 ext 225. The workshop will be taped for broadcast by CBC Radio One.

Women Mystics

A workshop with Sheri-D Wilson.
Wednesday, February 16
7 pm
Simone de Beauvoir Institute, Room 101 — The Lounge

This class will create an atmosphere to allow the mind to open to the possibilities of imagination. You will be guided through various exercises that free the mind to see what cannot be seen. The instructor will employ techniques designed to inspire you to write freely and then present your words in the medium best suited to support your voice. We will explore the page as a free-field of observation. We will bend our minds around Voice, and we will bring our words alive. Beat. Silence. Sound. Spoken Word — The Oral Tradition.

The workshop will be recorded by CBC.