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Monday, February 5, 2007

5:00 pm

[5 à 7 at Casa]


Hosted by Victoria Stanton
With Les Chaises, Marie-Andrée Rho, Karen Elaine Spencer, Esther Splett

Free admission

Bilingual. An evening of textual musings as demonstrated and delivered by visual- and sound-artists.

8:30 pm

[Shows at La Sala Rossa]


Avec les auteurs Steve Savage, Christian Larouche, Philippe Charron, Dauphin Vincent, Hervé Bouchard, Renée Gagnon, Patrick Poulin, Alain Farah, Mylène Lauzon
la chorégraphe Karine Denault
et les poètes français Julien d’Abrigeon, Thomas Braichet

L’artiste James Paterson et le designer Christian Bélanger complètent la distribution, par le biais d’interventions visuelles.


In French. Drop that comfortable paper and pencil, my dear — your publisher wants you to give it up for the FVA! They opened their doors a mere five years ago, but the publishing house Le Quartanier, with its penchant for experimental, over-the-top writing, has already made a place for itself in Quebec’s poetry scene. In 2006, two Le Quartanier authors won major awards: Renée Gagnon took the 2005 Émile-Nelligan Prize for her poetry collection Des fois que je tombe, and Hervé Bouchard won the 2006 Grand Prix du Livre de Montréal for his novel Parents et amis sont invités à y assister.

Hallalou! is a live-action show, with no master of ceremonies, where you’ll hear writers Dauphin Vincent, Christian Larouche, Hervé Bouchard, Patrick Poulin, Philippe Charron, Alain Farah, and Renée Gagnon, accompanied by choreographer Karine Denault. It’s also a good place to discover French performance poets who have travelled to Quebec for that very reason. See the audacious and imposing Julien d’Abrigeon, and the mix of voice and re-purposed sound from interdisciplinary artist Thomas Braichet.

The performance space itself will come alive, as visual artists James Paterson (a collaborator with Björk and Mick Jagger, among others) and Christian Bélanger (winner of several prizes in graphic design) project some of their work on stage.

11:00 pm

[Night Shift at Casa]

Night Shift

Hosted by Tony Tremblay

Guest poets: Frédérique Marleau, Vincent Tinguely, Steve Smart (Australia)

Musicians: Philippe Brault, Guido Del Fabbro


Open mic, bilingual.