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Monday, February 8, 2010

5:00 pm

[“Band + Poetry” Happy Hours]

Music for Money

In French. “We can’t all be Émile Nelligan!” Who among us does not have, under a pile of dusty school notebooks, at least one lovelorn poem or a page from a teenage diary? Ten poets read from the things they were writing as callow youth. Nostalgic, intense, sincere, awkward, self-deprecating… We promise you, any notion you may have cherished that all great poets are born that way will be joyously dismantled. You’ll see that even published authors began with some pretty awful stuff scrawled in the margins of their Canada-brand scribblers. Accompaniment: Music for Money.

8:30 pm

[Shows at 8:30 pm]

Dans la forêt 1: Jubilation noire

Louise Bombardier and Élise Turcotte

Egregore: Francine Alepin.

Director of dreams: Markita Boies.

Soundscape: Jean-Sébastien Durocher. Lighting: Lucie Bazzo

La Sala Rossa, Montréal, Québec


In French. Silky-smooth as the fur of a half-wild animal, this show is a dream on the prowl.

11:00 pm

[Night Shift]

Night Shift: Mathieu Lippé

Hosted by Alexis O’Hara.

Musicians: Bernard Falaise and Michel F Côté.

In first part: storyteller, singer and poet Mathieu Lippé.

Casa del Popolo, Montréal, Québec

Free admission

Open mic, bilingual. Does your soul dance and your heart leap? Do your neurones wriggle? Perfect, because not only does Mathieu Lippé get your feet boogying, he’ll get your mind moving to the rhythm of his entertaining verse and infectious, imaginative tales. Mathieu’s show clashes! A happy mish-mash of songs, slam and stories. This artist turns theatrical songs into groovy, light-hearted melodies by peppering them with poetic texts and surreal tales.