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Shows at 8:30 pm

The 2010 Festival Voix d’Amériques (FVA) is as daring as ever, showcasing artists with something to say and risky shows you won’t find in the mainstream. There are eight headline slots this year and FVA fans will be glad to hear all their favourites are back: Body and Soul; the French-language soapbox Combat contre la langue de bois; and our extremely naughty DADA Cabaret. We’re also exploring new territory this year with Sky de Sela, Fred Fortin and the intriguingly titled Dans la forêt — another initiative from our tireless Artistic Director.

February 5

8:30 pm

Ursula Rucker Solo

In English. Anyone lucky enough to have seen Ursula Rucker in her 2004 FVA appearance will understand why she is back this year as our Guest of Honour. A product of the spoken word, urban music and hip-hop scene, this girl is pure intensity. Astonishing.

February 6

8:30 pm

Body and Soul 7

Bilingual. Body and Soul has become a must-see FVA event, featuring strong female energy from quick-talking girls who take no guff. Poetry, experimental music and partners in crime.

February 7

8:30 pm

Sky de Sela: Maintenant

Sky de Sela with French double bass player Benoît Jayot and Montreal viola da gamba player Pierre-Yves Martel.


In French. Authentic to the marrow, this circus artist (and sister of our dear departed Lhasa) gives the first North American performance of her solo show. A surprising and hilarious dialogue between language and the mute gestures of her clown.

February 8

8:30 pm

Dans la forêt 1: Jubilation noire

Louise Bombardier and Élise Turcotte

Egregore: Francine Alepin.

Director of dreams: Markita Boies.

Soundscape: Jean-Sébastien Durocher. Lighting: Lucie Bazzo


In French. Silky-smooth as the fur of a half-wild animal, this show is a dream on the prowl.

February 9

8:30 pm

Dans la forêt 2: Plus on avance, plus le bois est grand

In French. A proposition by Ying Yang Ladies (Myléna Bergeron & Caroline Hayeur). Installation / performance where voice, video and music echo beneath the trees. Creatures lurking, ghostly light, stories of hunters… and huntresses.

February 10

8:30 pm

Fred Fortin / Plastrer la lune

Fred Fortin with his fabulous accomplices: Olivier Langevin, Justin Allard.


In French. Fred Fortin in a minimalist, bracing format of just released and old songs. A fine offering to the FVA audience.

February 11

8:30 pm

Combat contre la langue de bois, 6e round

Hosted by Jacques Bertrand.

With Louis-René Beaudin, Sophie Cadieux, Sœur Esther Champagne, Clank, Francine Grimaldi, Charlotte Laurier, Martin Léon,Claude Poissant, Will Prosper, Odile Tremblay + name to confirm.

Interventions musicales et mise à mort des discours trop longs: Fred Fortin, Justin Allard and François Lafontaine.


In French. One soapbox, ten people, six minutes each. No right of reply. No comeback.

February 12

8:30 pm

Cabaret Dada Queer — Closing Show

In French, in English… and in lipsync. A dream guest list… hysterical mad insolent sexy improbable. Down with reason! Up with extravagance!