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Thursday, March 17, 2011

5:00 pm

[“Band + Poetry” Happy Hours]

Seugueuveugueu Quartet

A quartet of false poets and Russian musicians, moving with the dainty slowness of cosmonauts. Or, the unexpected encounter of sound-voice poetry adepts Sebastian Dicenaire and Vincent Tholomé (Belgium) with musicians Guido Del Fabbro and Guillaume Soucy (Quebec). An eclectic, experimental rendez-vous.

8:00 pm

[Shows at 8 pm]

Combat contre la langue de bois, 7e round

Hosted by Stéphane Crête.

With Robin Aubert, Louise Beaudoin, Mathieu Beauséjour, Michelle Blanc, Christiane Bonneau, Léa Clermont-Dion, Patrice Coquereau, Michel Faubert, Rémy Girard, Monique Giroux, Émilie Laliberté, Jacques L’Heureux, Ariane Moffatt, Monique Simard.

Musical interventions and killing of speech too long: Fred Fortin, Jocelyn Tellier and Robbie Kuster.

La Tulipe, Montréal, Québec


One of the FVA’s fail-safe shows is our infamous French-only soapbox contest, Combat contre la langue de bois (often imitated, never equalled!) To celebrate this 7th round event, we present a mega-combat with fifteen speakers in a room that will actually hold the audience for once. All of it handled with an iron glove by Stéphane Crête, who never tiptoes when he can charge. The Combat is a platform for free expression in a world where public space is increasingly given over to those with nothing to say. The combatants are artists and engaged citizens, each with 5 minutes to erase the inept. No discussion, no right of reply, the real deal. Take note: the indefatigable Fred Fortin will be back at his musical post, still at it seven years on.

10:00 pm

[Night Shift]

Night Shift: Bobo Bisous — poésie action

Studies of what is possible between the kiss and the wound, the trivial and the searing word, the ordinary body and the body at the extreme. 50/50 poetry and action.

11:00 pm

[Night Shift]

Night Shift: Open Mic

Hosted by Pascal-Angelo Fioramore
Musical accompaniment: Guido Del Fabbro & Philippe Brault

Casa del Popolo, Montréal, Québec

Free admission


5 minutes. Anything goes: poetry, prose, performance, song, English, French or any other language. But be warned: it has to be your own work.