A very special thanks to those of you who have helped me over the years, whether in the work you do, by lending a hand, or with a contact or an idea. André Lemelin, Mauro Pezzente, Jean-François Denis, Alexis O’Hara, Ian Ferrier, Paryse Taillefer, Marie Marais, Bernard Grenon, Rachelle Ellis, Fabrizio Gilardino, Rolline Laporte, Céline Lessard, Pier Dufour, Marie-Paule Grimaldi, Denise Leprohon, Karine Cousineau, David Turgeon, Jack Udashkin, Valerie Vanstone, Thomas Csano, Brigitte Henry, Caroline Hayeur, Frédéric Lavoie, Lucie Bazzo, Paule Genest and all the others. Without you, I wouldn’t be so electric!

D. Kimm