Phénomena 2019


In today’s day and age, things move fast. Fashions, generations, values, beliefs — everything flashes by at the speed of light. We are quick to forget the people who have opened doors and broken down barriers, allowing us to be freer, to have more possibilities. We are also quick to forget that we aren’t the centre of the universe, that other people have different ways of seeing things and different approaches to their art, and these are just as valid as our own ways and approaches.

So, in the spirit of opening doors, of reaching out and sparking curiosity along with a desire to discover new things, our theme this year is Transmission. We seek to connect different generations, languages and origins with the dozen shows we have chosen to present, and hope to inspire different ways of doing things. Creating improbable encounters, whether between artists or with the public, is one of Phénomena’s greatest strengths.

For its 8th edition, Phénomena continues to explore and question disciplinary barriers by presenting unclassifiable, atypical and undisciplined artists. We are proud of this inclusive and eclectic program that we hope will surprise and move you.