Phénomena 2022

Phénomena 2022: une édition foisonnante et éclatante

In these uncertain times, we have worked tirelessly to bring you a particularly strong 11th edition of the Phenomena Festival. In other words, we’re on fire—the Festival will be extended to three weeks this year!

It starts off with a bang on October 2 with the 3rd edition of the Phenomenal Parade. After the resounding success of the 2019 edition (and a hiatus due to the pandemic), this festive, colourful and inclusive event is eagerly anticipated by many. Hundreds of citizens dressed up in the Parade’s themes will be joined by Fanfares, Bonimenteurs, and the Rollerskate Brides, with the urban fairy Patsy Van Roost in attendance. The event will end with a danceable performance by Fanfare Pourpour.

Another must for Phenomena 2022 is our mythical Combat contre la langue de bois, postponed twice due to the pandemic, which will take place on October 5 at La Tulipe and feature host Stéphane Crête. For the 12th Combat, a dozen public figures will take the stage to speak about a topic of their choosing, ranging from the personal to the political. The rules are simple: participants must talk for 5 minutes, no counter-arguments and no apologies. Between the speeches, a killer house band will keep the party going.

Don’t miss our legendary Cabaret DADA, hosted by the always surprising Alexis O’Hara. And new this year is our first-ever Not-So-Nice Feminist Cabaret, hosted by the incandescent Salomé Corbo. During this festive and raucous “girls’ night out,” the audience will be presented with loud, impertinent voices, outbursts of anger or tenderness and provocative or sarcastic comments.

Faithful to its mission, Phenomena actively participates in reflections about inclusion and diversity, which has led us to rethink our values and ways of doing things. Concretely, more than half of our programming is dedicated to artists of diverse backgrounds, whether that is racial, gender, physical or persons living with a disability.

This year’s highlights include a Dalida Cabaret Without Dalida, curated by our Diversity Commissioner Claudia Chan Tak; KUSHAPETSHEKEN, The Trembling Tent by Indigenous artist Kathia Rock; and Music Sensation, a festive evening of Battle Wacking orchestrated by Axelle Munezero.

We have maintained our partnership with La Chapelle — scènes contemporaines with We are shining forever à la recherche de l’entrée du royaume des morts, Christian Lapointe and Mathieu Arsenault’s highly anticipated new creation involving otherworldly visits from Vickie Gendreau. New this year, we have partnered with Cinémathèque québécoise to present an old-fashioned cabaret that will transport audiences to the early 20th century, when moving pictures were still largely a curiosity of carnivals, cabarets and music halls.

There will be several other shows, including two days of irreverent events dedicated to emerging and queer artists presented at the Rialto, in addition to three exhibitions.

So, dear curious, daring public—enjoy the festival!