A Message from Claudia Chan Tak, Diversity Commissioner

Claudia Chan Tak [Photograph: Anne Bocher]
Claudia Chan Tak [Photograph: Anne Bocher]

It is with great pleasure and great honour that I return this year as diversity curator at the Festival Phénomena.

I am delighted to continue this mandate alongside D.Kimm and the great family of the Phénomena who welcome me once again with listening, openness and kindness. Coming back for a second year made me realise how important it is for this type of initiative to be done over time. The relationships that are forged with artists, partners and the public enable real change in terms of equity, diversity and inclusion.

My fight for so-called communities of diversity reminds me of my practice of dance. I sincerely believe that to make things happen, we must be patient, accept constant repetition, analyze the “why” of our imbalances to rebalance ourselves. We have to allow ourselves to go into the studio to reflect, to question ourselves. We must agree to confront ourselves in the mirror to become better and above all, we must continue to create, always create. Create works, create initiatives, create partnerships, create places for people to speak up, create relations, create bridges, create circles of sharing, create, create, create.

Create phenomenal parties

This year again, I am extremely proud of the artists taking part in the evenings that I sign as curator: the return of Mixtape for artists to meet and collaborate as well as a breathtaking cabaret that will pay tribute to the great Dalida. The fact that they said “yes” to my invitation with such enthusiasm overwhelmed me like a first love; butterflies in the stomach, goosebumps, sparkling eyes, the excitement of imagining the beautiful moments to come…

I can’t wait to meet you in the room so that you too can let yourself be capsized.

Because we need love.

Lots of love.